In September 2015, I started writing a monthly email newsletter to share my quilting adventures with friends, family, fellow quilters and fans of my work.  If you'd like to subscribe to my monthly email newsletter, please click here.

Below are links to archived versions of the newsletters I've sent to date.

September 2015: The Start of Something New -- click here

October 2015: Chapter Two -- click here

November 2015: My Fall Harvest -- click here

December 2015: Holi-daze -- click here

January 2016: Sweet '16 -- click here

February 2016: On the "Road" Again -- click here

March 2016: Thoroughly Modern -- click here

April 2016: Spring Loaded -- click here

May 2016: South of the Border -- click here

June 2016: Time for Summer Homes!  Oh, and Some Winter Ones Too -- click here

July 2016: Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue! -- click here

August 2016: Life's a Beach -- click here

September 2016: Lucky #13 -- click here

October 2016: Learning New Tricks -- click here

November 2016: Autumn-atic Shift -- click here

December 2016: Tis the Season -- click here

January 2017: Happy 2017! -- click here

February 2017: Full Speed Ahead -- click here