What to do when a fabric bleeds tutorial

When I was admiring my first quilt with piped binding, to my horror I noticed that the black-with-white-polka-dots fabric was actually black-with-PINK!-polka-dots in one area at the edge of the quilt (as seen above on the left).  I could only imagine that the edge must have come in contact with some condensation from a glass of iced tea I had on the table where my sewing machine resides and thus the red fabric ran.  AAAAK! 

Google came to the rescue with several solutions from which to choose.  I opted to go with one that specifically addressed a fabric bleed on a quilt, written by Vicki Welsh.  Her tutorial was quite thorough and, hallelujah!, Vicki Welsh, you saved the day!  You can find her directions at this link.  (Click on the word "link" in the previous sentence.)